Intalio Smart Solutions

Intalio brings you the best combination of Odoo ERP Solutions coupled with Content Services, Process Automation, Cognitive and AI Services.
Advance your enterprise with Intalio Cognitive Services supported by Odoo Apps.
Digitize what matters, automate workflows, and optimize processes using tailored solutions.
Drive your business with an all-in-one, easily manageable, state of the art software.
Replace outdated and costly ERP solutions with new cost-effective open-source, time-saving, and customizable cutting-edge platforms.

UK Digital Transformation Solutions


As the world takes on digital initiatives to sustain their businesses post-pandemic, the United Kingdom finds itself significantly ahead of the global average transformation speed. With the government paving the way for effective and sustainable digitization and companies adopting remote workforces, Intalio UK offers customizable packaged comprehensive solutions with advanced user features.

Featured Products

Intalio combines the best of Odoo ERP software with its state-of-the-art Intalio Case workflow and microservices orchestration management solution, creating dynamic platforms and manageable end-to-end processes, transactions, and service requests.

Intalio Talent Management Software

Powered by Odoo HR
An all-inclusive end-to-end employment process management solution redefining hiring lifecycles using enhanced AI, Machine Learning, and intelligent Data Capture.

Intalio Supply Chain

Powered by Odoo
Experience total traceability by tracking every stock move and serials upstream or downstream, from purchase to warehouse bin and sales orders, with a unique double-entry inventory system.

Intalio Intelligent Accounting

Powered by Odoo
An intelligent solution with fully integrated time-saving tools. Synchronize bank statements and automatically import files, create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track and forecast payments.

Intalio enables companies and governmental entities to manage all types of service requests through automated workflow systems. With Intalio, you can:

Combine AI features and Cognitive Services with everyday workflows and processes.
Collaborate, approve, and sign case files using embedded images and document viewers.
Define processes, generate forms, and create alerts without any prior technical skills.
Trace every step of any workflow process and locate pending tasks using integrated visual trackers.
Configure simple and complex business rules to standardize case transition processes and document lifecycles.
Ensure optimal mobility, improve productivity, and ensure the efficiency of processes from intuitive mobile applications.

Intalio Solutions Features

Groundbreaking political, medical, and societal changes pave the way for innovative digital transformation solutions, as well as IT challenges. Intalio, through its latest acquisition of Ever Business Solutions and with the support of Odoo Applications, offers its customers next-generation business applications for Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Accounting.

Intalio Digital solutions provide full-featured, tightly integrated, effortless-to-upgrade software with AI capabilities and cognitive services and an accessible and flexible approach to customize workflows and automate operations.

Intalio Talent Management Powered by Odoo

Automate end-to-end employment processes starting with job definitions and onboarding, ending with exit videos, and offboarding.
Streamline resume evaluation and ranking integrated with job sites and offering red flag alerts.
Track hiring progress using interview questions, skills assessments, and interview transcripts.
Record and analyze automatically transcribed video interviews and data using cognitive services such as optical character and object recognition, face recognition and emotion detection, and speech-to-text features.
Integrate special features for multi-level hiring processes using internal voting mechanisms, feedback capture, background checks, and final negotiations.
Develop Employee progress efforts such as internal job matching and creation of training opportunities.
Generate reports using overall analytics on filled positions, skills and level of experience within the company, turn-over rate, and average tenure.

Intalio Supply Chain Powered by Odoo

Build a sustainable operational logistics network for maximum efficiency.
Advance your inventory processes through a double-entry inventory system.
Manage multiple warehouses from a centralized location and design your own product routes.
Access real-time reports, track KPIs, and leverage communication between stakeholders.
Govern and track your vehicles, their contracts, costs, and services.
Initiate quality checks and inspections at different stages of operation.

Intalio Intelligent Accounting Powered by Odoo

Control all financial and accounting operations by using a suite of smart comprehensive solutions.
Track budgets using balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows, and compare performance with previous forecasts.
Organize accounts based on projects, contracts, and departments, and produce analytical entries for an effective overview.
Record received payments and reserve specified amounts, and monitor expenditures, reconciliations, and disbursements.
Deliver budgeting plans that obey local laws, as well as payroll and local tax rules.
Create, edit, and store formal records to track your financial activities and business market position.
Syndicate multi-companies accounting data in a single location and safely store in a unified repository.

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