Achieve your ultimate potential by making the transition into the digital realm. Automate your business processes and manage your content using advanced Intalio digital innovation solutions.

In today’s world, it’s necessary to constantly discover new ways to generate more value. The optimal way to do so resides in digitizing your business; it’s all about making the necessary journey from the traditional to the modern technologies. The latter consists of automating all business processes and that includes implementing a clear and powerful information management strategy.

The development of conventional Enterprise Content Management solutions to progressive Content Services Platforms gives you the opportunity to benefit from such advancements whichever industry you’re in. It’s time to harness the capabilities of content – and the knowledge linked to it – in order to control all its aspects: from capturing, through organizing, to overall managing essential information.

The journey to become a full-on digital organization requires an advanced partner such as Intalio© and its state of the art solutions.

The 4 Stages of Digital Transformation


Going paperless

First things first, it’s essential for every organization to identify its paper dependency. This includes all types of transactions, organizing, and archiving. Determine in which departments you can (or already do) rely on digital documents.


Promoting your services

Once you’ve set up a new strategy within your organization, it’s time to make it known to all your clients. Identify your target audience and build responsive information and service portals to create a seamless customer experience.


Establishing automation

Most organizations can save time, effort, and costs once they pinpoint their repetitive tasks and review customer complaints. That said, automation is much more than this especially if implemented on a company-wide scale and not just in a single department.


Becoming smart

It’s not enough to analyze your business and creating reports, you should also keep up with the industry’s best practices and stay up to date with relevant breakthroughs and technologies. That said, consider adding AI and machine learning to your processes.

Intalio© Digital Transformation Solutions

A vast selection of offerings to help you run the business of the future.

Correspondence Management

Intalio© Correspondence Management system is a completely integrated, web-based digital transformation solution enabling organizations to capture, index, transfer, track, publish, and archive incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence in a streamlined and unified repository.

  • Create and register correspondences with ease.
  • Collaborate, transfer, and work on correspondences all from one place.
  • Review and sign correspondences remotely.
  • Track correspondence statuses visually.
  • Generate templates with a click of a button.

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Digital Mailroom

Another web-based digital transformation solution, the Digital Mailroom standardizes and tracks an organization’s mail delivery process, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency. Digital Mailroom solution provides mail senders and recipients, as well as users of the central mailroom with a real-time view of the mail flow and status.

  • Register various types of mail and customize your index for easier search.
  • Create an address book with internal and external contacts.
  • Generate bar-codes with defined reference numbers to identify your mail.
  • Track your mail and stay informed thanks to an embedded notification engine.
  • Monitor mailroom dashboards and create performance reports.

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Engineering Document Control

A structured document control process allowing teams, working on construction sites, to harmonize better by quickly resolving problems and delivering projects in less time, at lower costs, and with more precision.
With this organized engineering document control scheme, teams can easily access the latest construction drawings, documents, and models with an organized approval process, tight permission controls, and activity tracking.

  • Access the latest construction drawings, documents, and models with ease.
  • Check different files without the need to download third-party software.
  • Organize the approval process.
  • Implement tight permission controls over sensitive documents.
  • Track user activity.

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Intelligent File Automation

An intelligent information management solution that supports all key business processes and workflows. This fully featured and secured digital transformation tool combines Intelligent Document Automation Management, Intelligent Workflow Automation, Intelligent Metadata Management and Extraction, as well as Intelligent Processing and Classification through discovery and auto-tagging.

  • Access content from multiple data repositories with embedded AI and machine learning capabilities.
  • Deliver content services quickly and at the lowest costs.
  • Analyze large amounts of files using powerful AI tools.
  • Maintain the appropriate level of governance compliance.
  • Store assets and communications using record level hash and asset watermarks.

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Site Inspection

Streamline and standardize field and on-site inspection operations with Intalio© Inspection Management software!
This native mobile inspection software provides the tools and components for field-based workforce to improve their performance during inspections, audits and related services.

  • Access data remotely and at any time to perform on-site inspection functions.
  • View all orders and scheduled tasks from your mobile device.
  • Set your status as “available” or “out of office”.
  • Provide a detailed view of attendance sheets and log the time spent on-site.
  • Generate an unlimited number of pre-defined customizable checklists.

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Meeting Management

A fully integrated web-based digital transformation solution, Intalio© Meeting Management software enables organizations to manage their internal meetings through automation. It allows them to capture, index, and send meeting related information in a manageable and organized manner.

  • Capture paper-based and electronic documents.
  • Add meeting subjects and information.
  • Create requests before and during meetings.
  • Track meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and other information throughout various stages.
  • Send and receive notifications by email or SMS.

Tender Management

Streamline and improve the tendering process with Intalio© Tender Management software! The e-tender is an integrated electronic tendering solution enabling organizations to manage and automate the whole process of the tender management from initiation to closure, while implementing their internal e-procurement strategies, increasing control, and monitoring costs.

  • Monitor all tendering and purchasing functions.
  • Automate the creation of new tender request.
  • Benefit from a responsive, web-based e-tendering system that announces the tender online.
  • Accept online supplier registration and provide instant access to tender information.
  • Provide instant access to all documents and amendments, with the ability to track tenders by status.

Intalio© helps you scale your organization using a rich portfolio of content management products and extensions.